Ways Pollution Is Killing Animals By Abigail Geer

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Recycling has been forgotten over the years multiple times, although it has been around forever. In the History of Recycling, an anonymous author states, "way before the mass production people in Europe used to melt down scrap metals for endless reuses.” When everything started to industrialize it became cheaper to produce mass quantities of products. However, when the economy had a downfall like the Great Depression, people were always looking for ways to make the most of the items they had. Recycling is beneficial to the Environment and the Economy. Recycling is a good way to reduce clutter and saves people money." One of the definitions stated in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for the word recycling is, " to adapt to a new use." This…show more content…
Luther King says in "9 Interesting Facts and Statistics about Littering", 1.9 billion tons of litter end up in the ocean. The ocean is another ecosystem made up of many diverse animals and plants. In “ 5 Ways Pollution Is Killing Animals”, Abigail Geer tells us that there are many things that can pollute the water ranging from noise, chemical and acid runoff, waste water and oils. All of these types of pollutions are affecting the marine life drastically. Abigail tells us that noise pollution is hurting animals that use sonar to get around are becoming closer to extinction. The animals hear sonar devices, sound waves from boats, and oil rigs that are really loud. This can cause the animals to have mass strandings, reckless diving, being unable to find food, and have chronic stress. Abigail goes on to inform us that cruise ships have also done a great deal of damage to the ocean life. Since there are poor laws in place regarding the way they dispose of the waste from the ships, it all goes into the ocean untreated with many harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other stuff we dispose of. The law tells them that they can legally dump the waste 3 miles away from the shore. These are some of the many examples that pollution affects aquatic…show more content…
When there is litter around a business or home, it can tell people many things about the people who work or live there. It makes the place look dirty and disgusting. It can affect how many people visit the business or how many tourists visit a place. Looking at it that way, economies are losing money and are affected. Getting someone to remove the trash cost money, so either way people lose money. When they litter, it can attract rodents and rats, and create a breeding ground for bacteria that can make people sick. Over the course over many years littering can take a toll on the Earth and all that inhabits it. Whether it would be humans, animals, or the plants it all affects us. There are many different ways people can harm the earth, and it isn 't just littering. In the article "How Does Pollution Affect All Living Things?", it states the definition of pollution as the introduction of harmful contaminants into air, water and soil. "The contaminates can have dire effects on entire ecosystems, making life more difficult for humans, plants and animals." All living things can get sick from all the chemicals polluting everywhere they inhabit. The effects that pollution can have on the body are long

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