How To Eliminate Blackheads Essay

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Simple Ways to Eliminate Blackheads on Your Nose

Even though your skin looks perfect from far, small black spots can be noticed under closer inspection. These small dark spots don’t go away with a wet washcloth or a towel. These black spots are blackheads. Blackheads are small, but they can be as big problem as pimples. They can make you frustrated and embarrassed, especially if you spend your day with people having a face-to-face conversation. Even though it can be especially hard to deal with blackheads, there are some natural ways to eliminate them ones and for all.
The cause of blackheads In the same way as acne, blackheads are caused by dead skin cells, oils and dirt that block the pores. A bump on the skin forms that becomes black in color after it is exposed to oxygen. Blackheads usually appear on the face’s T-zone, where
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Use a gentle facial exfoliant two times a week. This will eliminate the dead skin cells on your skin and allow the appearance of new ones.
• Wash the face two times a day Washing your face regularly will keep the skin pores free of dead skin cells, oil and dirt. Even though this advice may seem weird, many people fail to wash their face regularly. You need to wash your face twice a day, but not more than this. Use an oil absorbing sheet if your skin becomes oily in the middle of the day. If you wash your face more than twice a day, the moisture from the drier areas will be removed. This increases the production of sebum. Consequently, the increased production of sebum increases the number of blackheads on the T-zone.
Water consumption Your skin will be healthier if you drink enough water or at least 8 glasses per day. If your body is hydrated well, your skin will be healthier and blackhead-free.
• A healthy

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