Ways To Reduce Plastic Bags Essay

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I found that activities the most Singaporeans are involved in their daily lives was most of the Singaporeans will choose to take away or have their meals at outside such as restaurants, food courts, hawker centres or fast food rather than having their meals by cooking their own at home.

This is because it can be prepared and served quickly suits perfectly into the fast paced life we live nowadays. Besides, fast food also saved a lot of times. Not only the cooking time but also the time you spend on getting ingredients in the supermarket.
However, this activity had generated wastages and damages towards the environment. Customers who choose to take away will increase the use of plastic bag and polystyrene to carry their stuff. Moreover, food
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Plastic bags in the water may get wrapped around marine animals and also sea turtles sometimes swallow plastic bags because they resemble jellyfish, this causes the animals suffocate or starve to death. As a result, plastic bags have led to a great increase severity towards the environment.
We should reduce the use of plastic bags to protect environment. There are some tips to reduce the use of plastic bags. First, we should use reusable and washable plastic containers such as Tupperware instead of disposable plastic bags to carry take away food. Next, we can use recycle bags to carry our stuffs. They are stylish and earth friendly. Moreover, we can use self-checkout to reduce bag usage and decline bags when you can carry your grocery items in your hands.
For the plastic bags you already have collected, there are some ways to use them instead of trashing them. If you have pets at home, you can use your plastic bags to pick up animal’s waste materials and also you can donate the plastic bags to animal shelters or dog parks. Further, you can use plastic bags in place of paper when doing work around the house such as painting. You can also return the plastic bags to your local grocery store so they can be reuse again or

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