Epsom Salt Research Paper

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16 Ways to Use Epsom Salt
Epsom salt may be the new must-have in your home. Epsom salt or also known as magnesium sulfate contains so many beneficial ingredients such as oxygen, magnesium, sulfur and hydrogen, a combination which is very useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom as well as for everyday use. Found in a spring in England, you can never even though about how beneficial this salt can be for you.
Here are 16 ways to use Epsom salt:
1. Improve the Quality of the Houseplant- If you add several tablespoons in your regular water and moisture your houseplant, you will be amazed by the positive impact it has on your plants. You will enrich the soil and therefore you will improve the growth and quality of the plants.
2. Prepare your Baby a Hot Bath- Adding a cup of Epsom salt can be extremely beneficial for your baby’s
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Enrich the Soil in the Garden- If you want to increase the productivity in your garden, you may want to consider to mix several bags of Epsom salt into the soil of your garden. It works in the same ways like with your houseplants. The soil will be enriched and increase the fertility of your garden.
6. Spoil yourself with a Warm Bath- Epsom salt is a great way to relax after a stressful and tiring day. Fill the tub with warm water and add a cup or two of Epsom salt. Relax for about 20 minutes and feel the benefits right away- smoother skin, better sleep and improved circulation. Who wouldn’t want this amazing good-night bath?
7. Smooth Feet- If you are struggling with rough skin on your feet, Epsom salt may be the real cure for you. Soak your feet in warm water and a cup of Epsom salt and relax for 20 minutes. You will feel you skin much softer and your feet more relaxed and rested.
8. Treat itchy skin- If you constantly notice mosquito or bugs rashes, a mixture of water and Epsom salt can relieve the itch as well as the rash. You can also put the mixture in a spray and use it whenever you have an irritated or itchy skin, regardless of the

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