Wayzata Informative Speech

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Topic 1- Wayzata Calling all small towners! Today we will discuss about the extraordinary place titled Wayzata. Wayzata is a great place for the family for many reasons, here are a couple. Wayzata is one of the homes of Lake Minnetonka which means you can have a blast swimming or even fishing off this miraculous lake. Wayzata is also the perfect small town for biking. From the classic cruise to the dare devils hills, there is fun for everyone. Not only that places like 6 Smiths the restaurant and Ben and Jerry's ice cream is in a short biking distance. Speaking of restaurants, one day maybe you don't want to go out to dinner. Then Lunds and Byerlys is place to go. Packed with fresh and delicious foods and spices to impress the kids and make

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