We Are Called To Rise Avis Character Analysis

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In the novel We Are Called To Rise by Laura McBride, Avis is a persistent woman, who has been nice to all the people around her. Her only son, Nate, is a veteran who has served in Iraq for several years. Recently, her beloved husband let her know that he couldn’t live with her no more because, he was in love with another woman. Avis is a good mother in many ways.
An important example of Avis being a good mother is that she gave a good care to Nate. After Nate returned from Iraq, he was having a difficult time living in Last Vegas. Interacting with people was giving him a hard time, so as a mother she gave him an advice on how to become part of the community. His recent job as a police officer was totally different from his past career, which made him uncomfortable. Avis understood the situation and
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She always cared for her husband, Jim. Lately, she has been thinking about how Jim has been acting different. After he told her that he wanted a divorce, she kept the situation calm and didn’t cause any problem. Even though, they were married for almost three decades, Jim didn’t care about the time they spent together. Avis tried her best to bring the relationship back to life again but Jim doesn’t want to. To point out, Avis loved Jim with all of her heart, but she left him alone because he wasn’t willing to leave with her anymore.
Lastly, when Nate was being aggressive towards his wife Lauren, she reported him to the police. Nate has been beating his wife since he returned from Iraq. As a mother, Avis didn’t want to see her son abuse his wife. As a woman generally, she couldn’t bear seeing Lauren hurt. Nate told her to mind her business, but she was not willing to leave the situation alone. She knew Nate needed help and she had a little time to make a decision before Nate seriously injures Lauren. Significantly, Nate wouldn’t approve her decision, but it was the best decision to keep Lauren and Nate himself
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