We Are Marshall Essay

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Introduction We Are Marshall is a Sports/drama film composed in 2006 by Joseph Mcginty Nichol. Based in 1970’s the exploration significant issues of grief and guilt and no team or players in that era of time strengthens one's understanding of the film as these issues are associated with universal themes such as facing reality and rebirth which applies to anyone regardless of time period,ethnicity or religion.We are Marshall tells the story of the aftermath of the calamitous plane crash on November 14 th 1970 in West Virginia which killed 75 members of the Marshall University ‘Thundering Herd’ college football team and covers the rebirth of the varsity team and the small community of Huntington. Paragraph 1 When experiencing times of grief…show more content…
Comparatively,by uniting as a community and finding strength in others, we can rebuild our lives despite tragedy and the adversities that may come along.This idea is insightfully expressed by McGinty- Nichol in the film, We are Marshall,where the community of Huntington gathers,praising for the Marshall university football program to continue on despite having no players after the tragic death of the ‘thundering herd’.The diegetic sound of the community shouting together in response to Nate raising his fist “We are Marshall !”Is a meaningful cultural representation as the culture of the community evolves around football and chanting for the team as football is all they have.Additionally,the high-key lighting of the sunlight streaming upon the students as they look up to Nate competently represents that there is hope for the community and used to represent how innocent the people of Huntington were prior to the catastrophe that occurred.Moreover,a high angle point of view shot of Nate’s perspective as he looks down at the people interestingly displays the extensive amount who has come to support the team and are ready to start again.Therefore, people coming for the team reflects the integrity of the town socially which one can relate to as throughout time communities have come to support causes that they believe such as fundraising events.Accordingly,as an audience, we are moved by the meaningful chanting for Marshall University as in our times when we chant for a certain
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