Film Review: We Are Marshall University Tragedy

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Marshall University Tragedy A film that was based on a true, heartbreaking event in history was We Are Marshall. The movie was based on the tragedy of Marshall University’s 1970 football season. The football team, the coaching staff, boosters, and fans were on the famed flight. Seventy-five passengers were on-board the plane, to take off in North Carolina, only for none to survive their fate of the plane crash. The movie We Are Marshall genuinely portrayed by all of the writers and actors and actresses. On November 14, 1970 a Southern Airlines Flight 932 left Kinston, North Carolina, at 6:38 p.m., carrying the Marshall University football team, coaching staff and fans. After an everyday flight, the crew communicated Huntington Airport post…show more content…
Matthew McConaughey played Jack Lengyel in We Are Marshall. Jack Lengyel replaced the coach that died in the tragic plane crash. Lengyel in the movie is the protagonist, considerate coach of the freshmen players even though the chances of winning are few in coming. Although the movie got mixed reviews McConaughey is excellent in the portrayal of Coach Jack Lengyel. The back-story was that Jack Lengyel accepted the coaching position that no other coach wanted, the position of head coach for the coined Young Thundering Herd at Marshall University and rebuilt the program only months after the deadly plane crash. Coach Lengyel coached the first true freshman football team in the history of NCAA. This was done in the movie by the character President Dedmon, played by David Starhairn. At first Dedmon was not optimistic that NCAA would accept the petition for the first freshmen on a varsity collegiate football team. President Donald Dedmon wrote multiple letters to the NCAA only to be rejected until Dedmon himself went to NCAA and said, “You didn 't propose to your wife on the phone, did you? She didn 't accept in a letter, did she?” In the movie at the beginning it showed the original football team and their lives prior to the airplane crash. Then suddenly the shot took you to the airplane, in the air with not so great weather outside of the window. Next
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