We Didn T Start The Fire Analysis

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In my class, I read a couple of texts on the Civil Rights. During this essay, you will learn what all of them had in common. One of the texts that I read is called, “ The Freedom Walkers”. The purpose of this essay is to tell you what all of the themes of the text have in common. We listened to a song called “ We Didn’t Start The Fire”. During the song, you could hear the author singing names or Historical Events from the time period. All of the text’s I read share a theme. The specific theme is that they all was telling how everything was happening and that they all wanted Equal Rights. The Civil Rights shares the same theme because of a lady named Rosa Parks. She would not give up her seat to A white man so she was arrested. So they began to walk until they could sit wherever they wanted to. You can tell because, during the time the text was made, everyone was fighting for equal rights. We also…show more content…
He knew that they were because every time they would have someone over he had to eat in the kitchen. He wanted everything to change. So he planned to sit at the table when company was over and he knew that they would not tell him to eat in the kitchen. He thought that they would see how beautiful he was and they would be ashamed of making her eat in the kitchen every day. In the song “we didn’t start the fire” He talked about Harry Truman and many others. During the time the song was written many things were going on. There were many wars and events. The first t.v. had come out. This time they share the theme of Wars and new inventions. There were new inventions coming out during the time. Another theme is segregation. It is highly prevalent in “freedom walkers”, but is also quite a bit easier to see in the “I too” poem. In the Freedom walkers, all of the Schools and the fountains were segregated. People were getting sent to jail because they would not get out of their seat to a white
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