We Didn T Start The Fire Analysis

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Thematic year work “The impact on my work from Dustin Yellin’s complex layered imagery, mark making, themes of human nature and oneness in his painting; “Triptych” as well as Jose Toirac’s use of political satire and expressive painting style in order to evoke a sense of confusion and angst within the viewer as well as to cause an introspection by the viewer thus bringing about change in the international community. Conceptualisation: In modern society we as humans have developed or rather enhance our own vices through technology, warfare and Globalisation. My artwork “We Didn't Start the Fire” (fig 1) is highlighting the themes through imagery of scenes from around the world that have shaped modern-day society negatively. The concept behind…show more content…
The intention is to create awareness in the public about how far down we have gone, whilst considering ourselves to have been advancing in so many ways. Conclusion: Dustin Yellin a work “triptych” is both influential thematically as well as through technique, in conclusion my artwork is a manifestation of both my thoughts and the chose which takes place in today’s society. It is humanities mistakes made physical. Final Yearwork Conceptualisation We are all attached to technology in some way, shape or form and it is evident that it has changed us. This may not be a bad thing, however, I chose to do this on the negative effects that it has had on me throughout my few years of being exposed to it, and it has served as a distraction. My artwork was heavily influenced by Jose Toirac’s work “Marlboro“(fig. 8) which features both a political satire as well as an expressive approach to acrylic painting using heavy brushstrokes to show both positive and negative emotion within the subject matter. I am speaking about human fickleness or hubris and how in the past we have been shut out of worldly information. This artwork is a question in itself, asking the viewer, whether or not all this interconnectedness is in fact good for us as a
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