We Don T Sleep Around Like White Girls Do Analysis

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The article written by Yen Le Espiritu called “We Don 't Sleep Around Like White Girls Do”: Family, Culture, and Gender in Filipina American Lives is written from a feminist political economy approach. As I have learned through my sociological experience and from the class women, work and family a feminist political economy approach adds a gender lens to explore women’s access to resources in the public and private spheres. It looks at the inequalities of power and control. Looking through the lived experiences of women where gender inequality can be identified through patriarchy. Patriarchy connects with race and class to further oppress and marginalize racialized women. The main argument as Espiritu (2014) argues “that gender is a key to immigrant identity and a vehicle for racialized immigrants to assert cultural superiority over the dominant group “(cited in Fox,…show more content…
This is exactly how my parents were while I was growing up I always had curfew versus my brothers. My mom always said what will people think of you just like the Filipina mom said in the article. My white friends would have always asked me why my parents put restrictions on me. It made me realize that everyone’s family is different and my family was one of them. My parents had a set of beliefs, values and attitudes and a set idea of what was normative to them. It also relates to the course family and intimate relations because it shows diverse family patterns and relationships that are shaped and organized by larger historical social, economic and political structures in society. These were some of the questions that came to my mind after reading this what stereotypes of Filipinas and other Asian women exist in white culture? How do Filipinos interpret their own culture? Do you think these are precise representations of whites and Filipinos? Overall, patriarchy is reinforced through the sanctioning of women’s behaviour and how restrictive gender roles and gender expectations are placed on Filipina
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