We Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Short Story

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Have you ever tried to falling in love with your best friend? What did you do? How could you able to handle it? It is a good thing or not?
All of us have an experienced on how to loved and how to be loved. Yes, it is really joyous, exciting, inspiring, colorful and sometimes it seems like everything is perfect, but despite of it, there is also what we called “pain” especially when there is something wrong with the situation or others, but still falling in love is one of the things that we may not be regret with. Summary:
There was a two best friends, Jairo and Jamella. Jairo came from a simple family, while Jamella came from a rich family. They are friends since elementary and when they reach high school level, they became closer to each other, that closeness was leads Jairo to fall in love with his best friend. This situation doesn 't became easy for him, he tried to set aside his feelings because he know that when Jamella knew it, there is a possibility that their friendship were destroy. The days goes by, his love for his bestfriend were continue growing, until one night, he decided to tell his true feelings for her, not because he want Jamella to love him back, but because he only wants to be true and honest to his bestfriend.
When he is about to speak, Jamella talk first, she has a bad news, she is about to leave, her family want her to study in United States. Jairo was shocked, he didn 't able to say what he supposed to
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