Personal Narrative-We Caregive But Never Forget

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We forgive but Never Forget

At 3 am in the morning, I woke up and went straight to the bathroom. I could barely open my eyes and I was getting ready for prayer. I brushed my teeth and washed face, and during that, I heard something that I could not exactly know. I heard it again; this time I closed the tap to listen. I grabbed my towel and dried my face. Suddenly, I heard my mother scream. I ran out of my room as fast as possible. I saw her sitting on the couch with her head down. I looked at her and asked what was wrong, and she replied with one word only, “bombs.” I did not understand what she meant by the word bombs. I opened the door and saw all my neighbors outside their homes with tears in their eyes trying to understand what was happening. I was wondering why we were hearing those bombs. I rushed inside and turned on the radio to listen to the news; we all gathered and I could hear my heart pounding. My mother, on the other hand, was trying to contact my brother who was in the army. My father kept calling his friends who might have information about my brother, but they said that they have not heard anything yet. A few days later, my dad’s friend called to inform my father that my brother was taken to Iraq. My mother was devastated after hearing that her son was taken
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The war has ended as Iraq left our country and we were set free! All Kuwaitis cried tears of joy. We will never forget this day. We went out, our flag was raised high and that was the most beautiful day of our lives. We walked back home and my elder brother was in front of the house. He instantly ran to my mother’s arms. He was back after eight months of absence. He was back indeed. Thanks go to Saudi Arabia for welcoming us during those dark times and for helping us through it all. Thanks go also to all Gulf countries, and mostly the deepest thanks go to America for saving our country and winning it

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