We Give Our Children Too Many Trophys Essay

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Do We Give Our Children Too Many Trophies?

A trophy symbolizes a win or an achievement, but does it mean anything if you get a trophy just because everyone else did? If you are awarded a trophy and you know that you have not done anything to deserve it then you might feel bad about yourself. If you know for sure that you are going to get a trophy, then why would you go to practice, lessons, or even competitions or games? If there is a limited number of trophies and rewards to be handed out then everyone will want to win and work hard so they will get that prize. As a society, we give our children too many trophies. If everyone receives a trophy then the players will not work as hard, the quality and the meaning of a trophy is insignificant,
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Whenever you get a trophy, you are usually proud of yourself; but if everyone gets a trophy then it might lose its meaning and importance to the person. Trophies are items that are given out for achievements and greatness. Trophies used to be common for major sports such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, and so on but now, children the age of 6 and under are given trophies. Do you think children who do not even know the actual meaning of a sport should receive something as big as a trophy? I think not. Kids need a reason to try their best, they need a “why.” When you get a trophy and you have put in work every week to get to where you are, a trophy would mean something, it would be important to you. When there is a limited number of trophies and no one is promised one, and you receive one, wouldn’t you cherish it? Everyone should be proud of their prizes and trophies but they could lose their meaning after years of knowing that you are a “winner” because you participated. Some kids may feel like they got a trophy that they did not deserve. This could cause self-judgement to a point of where they wouldn’t want to play the sport again. It is a character test when you receive a participation trophy, will you keep it or will you turn it back in until you believe you actually deserve a
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