We Hold This Truth Analysis

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First, let’s talk about the title itself “We Hold This Truth”. It’s a very powerful title, that explains that every human has right to speak and have equal freedom and opportunities. After, watching this play last night in Bradley Hall at Rutgers explains that people have an issue with the new presidency. I personally agree with new presidency because in past many incidences have happened. One of the incidences was, two Indian were speaking their native language were shot. However, I had a great time last night watching We Hold this Truth with Ivan. This play was very important and I prefer every student should watch this because the new presidency is affecting people in many ways. Such as economic, racial, color and jobs. The starting of the play was very interesting, the character of different race come and sit together to watch a news on TV. This was clever because they were trying to show backstory, show the audience have a better idea what will be the rest of the play is about. This also shows the theme of the play which is the darkness that…show more content…
Because sometimes music has meanings that help other to understand better. Likewise, the girl who came from Africa to achieve the American dreams like others, she had to face criticisms. Due to eating her culture food instead of American foods like burgers. In additions, this play passed the very strong message that every race should have equal opportunity, and there should be no controversy among the society. Overall, the quality of the play was excellent, I really enjoyed the music, somewhat comedy, and the message they were trying to share among the society. In the end of the play, the musical dance with the bear represent strong unity, even whatever their issues in their life. Therefore, one thing I learned from this awesome play was, even if one person stands up against the society, then the next one will follow
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