We Never Give Up To The American Dream

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I think that this quote means a lot of things. It means the American dream, that we will get whatever we want if we work and try hard enough. It means that we never give up on our dreams. Even if we are oppressed and fought for years, decades, centuries, by governments and others, whoever, we never give up until we get it. And this is what Dr. King is talking about as well. African-Americans have been held back and fought since they came to America almost 400 years ago as slaves. But they have never given up on that dream that they will one day be equal and walk, work, get paid, etc. right beside the white man. It’s talking about how we were never handed anything. We escaped England to make this country a reality. We fought multiple wars with multiple countries, including ourselves. We hung in there for centuries to finally make this country a world leader. Yes, we have our flaws. A…show more content…
Sure we’re making progress, and I think we’re getting close to upholding it, but not quite. I mean, f’real man it’s been like 400 years...Example a) slavery, obviously. What the $%&^^$% man? “We’re all equal, as in every white man is the same. Forget black people. They aren’t people!” That was a huge failure on the creed. I can’t believe the ignorance. B) the years after slavery. It was great for a little while! Blacks were in office, they were voting, they were a legitimate part of society! But then the government bombed it, but what else is new? Ok, they handled it well for a little while, and the KKK was a bit out of their control, but I think they could have done a better job with that for sure. Up until like the 70’s or so, blacks were heavy minorities. Then things started picking up. They didn’t actually gain any rights or privileges or anything, but people started to actually open up their eyes to how blacks were being treated. But today we still have issues, which brings me to example c) recent
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