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We're the Millers is a comedy film with some action in it. It begins with David, who is a drug dealer that sells marijuana, getting robbed. He was robbed because Casey, a twenty-year-old runaway thief, was getting her phone robbed by a group of guys. Kenny, David's neighbor who is eighteen years old, tried to help her. It didn't work out because Kenny didn't really do anything to help and that's when David comes in to help Casey, but it didn't go as planned because Kenny told the group of guys that David was a drug dealer. David got a knife pointed on him and ended with him being robbed for all his money and marijuana he had. Since he was robbed Brad Gurdlinger, the drug lord, looked for him and made him go to Mexico to smuggle marijuana to…show more content…
A reaction shot is when the camera is cut away from the main scene and face to the characters just to get their reaction. It is important for a film to have reaction shots because the viewer would always like to see the reactions that the characters give while something while something exciting occurs. From We're the Millers there were a couple of scenes where the camera was taken away from the main thing happing in order to get the reactions. We can see this during the scene when they get passed the border and are on their way back to the United States. As David is driving the RV he turns on the radio and a song comes on that Kenny and Casey liked a lot. David is about to change it but Kenny and Casey yell and tell him not to. That is when Kenny began to sing the song. The camera is looking at Kenny as he starts to sing but few seconds as he is singing the camera then turns to Sarah to looks shocked by the way Kenny is singing. David starts to laugh because he didn't know that Kenny was able to sing like that. After Sarah and David's reactions were captured the camera goes back to Kenny. It's important that the reactions of the characters are in the film because for example if the director didn't show Sarah or David's reactions in this scene the viewer will be curious to see how the characters reacted to Kenny's singing because it was surprising that Kenny started to sing out of

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