We Real Cool Poem Analysis

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We Real Cool The poem “We Real Cool” have been written in 1928 by the author “Gwendolyn Brooks”. The author was a highly regarded, honored poet and she being the first black author to win the award “Pulitzer Prize”. The poem “We Real Cool’ was about thoughts of young guys playing pool at a pool house called “The Golden Shovel”. Every poem has a theme, the theme of the poem “We Real Cool” was more than just one theme. The author did not want to make her poem boring, so she kept on writing and creating different themes for her poem, although it seems interesting its not. The author might have used more than one theme, but she actually wanted to make her poem really short and simple. The theme’s of the poem were Identity, Pride, and Mortality. The theme Identity was that the word “we” is repeated eight times in the eight lines poem as signal that the boys have a group identity. As for the theme pride, the young pool players seem to take pride in their aimless behavior, and it might not be true if the pool players are going to take pride in the poem when the author said tat they will “die soon”. The theme Mortality though, the speaker which is the author thinks that young pool players wull “die soon”, though it might have something to do with their enjoyment of sin, rum, and maybe also gambling which will lead to their death. There are many literature and sound devices in every poem
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