We Saved The World: WWI And America's Rise As A Superpower

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The United States’ contribution in World War I helps us understand how America rose to become a superpower and continues to influence foreign policy umong many other nations. Hans Hoyng’s article “We Saved the World: WWI and America’s Rise as a Superpower” argues that though the United States was a major power house in WWI, President Woodrow Wilsons’ grand vision for long term peace was a failure and rather he began the battle between the idealists and realists that still exists in the present day. Due to the United States involvement in WWI we have been able to learn many lessons from our experiences and from the battle that President Wilson started in foreign policies we still use today. One of the first lessons we are able to take away from the United States experience in WWI is that we were the major power house in not only world politics but for our military power. Due to our powerful contributions in the war in 1917 Hoyng believes that this was when the United States began its rise to power. Historian Herfried Münkler believed that this was the goal of some politicians in Washington even stating that the Treasury Secretary William McAdoo was making plans to replace the pound sterling with the dollar.…show more content…
Before WWI, Europe was deemed the world’s powerhouse but after the loss of millions of soldiers it seemed incapable of surviving which was the open window the United States needed in order to become the superpower we are today. President Wilsons forever changed the course of the United States foreign involvement and the structure for America’s engagement in war and world politics. Hoyng consistently argued that the United States’ rise to power was not only contributed from its involvement in WWI but its experience was one of the major
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