Guns Should Be Compulsory In Schools Essay

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First of All, we need we need to make our schools more safe by implementing metal detectors and other equipment. If we would have metal detectors at every entrance and or bag checks entering the school. Lets give a scenario, lets say there is a teenager ready to shoot up a school. They are walking to the building. They had to pass the metal detectors first and then go inside the school's main building and then get their bag checks. Lets say he fires way before doing the metal detectors. Then those 5-10 seconds of inital firing. That could give our students more time to escape and 911 to arrive, every second counts in life or death situations. Most Importantly, I believe deeply in my heart that we should allow some teachers to carry guns. They will have to attend gun firing drills and how to handle them and etc, but most importantly they will need to pass a mental and criminal background checks. Even the tiniest red flag that pops up then they wouldnt be given the option of carry a gun on campus. Nobody would last a…show more content…
They need to get us children prepared in case we come upon a situation like that happens. They need to have us have a mental plan in our head like, Where are we going to go? Should I hide here or there? Where are each exits? Anything that gives us advantages over the shooter the better. Those drills will teach us what to grab and how to do certain things then just to sit in a dark corner waiting for the shooter to come in and slaughter you.

In conclusion, us Americans have not learned yet over the past couple of decades that we need way better school security. The more the better. Every small improvments will help your kids not become a victim of a school shooting. Would you want to risk your child's life or somebody else's child?

There have been over 30 plus school related shootings just in the 20th century. Why haven't we upgraded our school's security
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