We Should Hang Out Monologue

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Throughout your journey to find true love, you had many challenges along the way which made the end result even more meaningful. After many years went by and your curiosity grew you eventually talked to the selected few of which you had a crush on in your past. They gave you their reasons for not liking or dating you when you were younger, and you soon found out some of them even liked you but you never made a move. Through the first 25 years of your life you never gave up, in your search or in sports, having a prosthetic leg and all. Your motivation continues to inspire me everyday. You never give up and even if you don’t enjoy the specific situation you still try your best. Looking forward I will try and put all of my effort into a specific task even if I don’t…show more content…
If someone doesn’t like you back it probably isn’t meant to be. There are other fish in the sea. Your humor throughout your book, We Should Hang Out Sometime, engaged me as a reader and made it a fun read for all ages. While I read the book I learned that you don’t have to rush through life, take your time and enjoy each moment. When you were 25 you had never had a girlfriend, you focused on the important parts of life, family and friends, not girlfriends. You became close friends with all of your potential girlfriends before even hinting any sort of attraction. I have tried to become closer friends with everyone before taking the next step. I also learned that you have to make the best of each situation you are put into. You are an amputee but that didn 't stop you, you did sports and continued like you had two legs. Even though people do stare and ask questions you made the best of it and became a motivational speaker for others who have lost a limb. Sometimes life may not be the best, but you taught me that I can make it better, I am the one controlling my life, I have to be the one to change it. Just by reading your book you have made my life better and

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