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When you 're faced with a significantly life-altering negative situation you can 't control, you grasp at the little things you can control. The little opportunities where you can make choices for yourself”(44). We Should Hang Out Sometime is a true story based off of Josh Sundquist and his journey through his past love lives.The book pinpoints different aspects of his life when it comes to awkward first dates, church buses, and a prosthetic leg. I thought the book is very inspiring, and I really enjoyed the book, especially because related to the book because it is a mixture of romance, awkwardness, and humor. The main characters include Josh Sundquist, Francesca Marcelo, and Sasha Wright. Josh Sundquist has been an amputee since the age of nine and was home-schooled till high school. Francesca Marcelo was Josh’s first crush when he arrived at high school. Josh met Sasha Wright at a motivational speaking conference in Minnesota while he was getting his Master’s Degree. The book starts off by stating that Josh is trying to think of all the possible reasons why he has never gotten a girlfriend. He finally decided to do an investigation and trace back all the…show more content…
Josh Sundquist is a motivational speaker, Paralympian, and best-selling author. He lost his left leg to Ewing 's sarcoma when he was nine years old and later became a Paralympic ski racer. His first book was a memoir called, Just Don 't Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made it Down the Mountain, was released in January 2010. Both of Sundquist’s book talk about overcoming their major fears and weaknesses that are deep inside. In Josh’s memoir, he explains the downside of the whole process, but in the end he would not change a single thing. He is now a nationally recognized speaker and continues to talk and present to groups all over the United States. Since he is a motivational speaker, he incorporates a lot of positive messages throughout his books, which is an aspect that makes his books

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