Should We Continue To Predict Volcanoes Essay

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Volcano Monitoring We should not continue to predict volcanoes for these reasons: it will cost a lot to pay for the items which will be expressed later on. Volcanic eruptions will happen over and over again and no amount of predictions will stop the damage. Finally, it takes up time and effort and money which we can use to fund many other things like projects in space or other locations which can improve our intelligence of this planet and solar system or maybe even this universe we call home. These are the reasons why we should not continue to predict volcanoes. Another argument is if we should continue to predict earthquakes. I say we shouldn’t. We should not continue to predict earthquakes because it is a waste of money to pay for…show more content…
Well first off, we use the same procedures and tools to predict earthquakes as volcanoes. That means all that money is being spent on two different predictions when it can be used for many other things like the military or to pay the dodea workers so we don’t have another government shutdown. The government needs to be more wise where they spend their money. Anyways, it is dumb for the government putting their money into volcanoes already but EARTHQUAKES! That is the meaning of the word dumb. First of all, earthquakes rarely kill anyone and barely do any damage. I know some recent earthquakes did a lot of damage but compared to the amount of earthquakes that happen in the world. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. No, more like finding a needle in a planet of haystacks. Earthquakes rarely ever do any damage whatsoever. The fact that the government is actually spending money on something like this so they know when it will happen is dumb. I have been in an earthquake before but on my first, I freaked out but the people around me acted like it was normal. It was small and they said they never get major earthquakes. I was in LA and I am sure they know what they are

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