We Still Like Ike Rhetorical Analysis

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There is a sign outside of Abilene, KS with the words “We still like Ike”. These words are a parody of the “I like Ike” slogan often used during Eisenhower’s presidential campaign. The sign is meant to serve as an advertisement for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, and the Eisenhower’s boyhood home. Though the initial purpose of the sign is to act as advertisement, it could also be said that it is paying homage to a one of the most influential men to come out of the state. The first article is from the October 16, 1953 edition of the Manhattan Mercury. The article describes Eisenhower’s visit to the boyhood home as it was being turned into a museum. The article paints a picture of a man who greatly cherished his Kansas roots, and a community that proudly stands behind their hometown hero. The writer describes Eisenhower as he walks through his childhood…show more content…
This article was originally written by an Associated Press reporter out of Washington D.C. Titled “Ike must face GOP pressure”, this article was not meant to praise and polish the reputation of Eisenhower. The article talks about the issues Eisenhower was facing within his own party. In a news conference held previous to this article being written, the president said he did not intend to use his presidency to help benefit partisan elections. Republican Senator Mundt from South Dakota agreed with the idea that the president was trying to “make a record we can brag about”. Many of Mundt’s fellow GOP members did not feel the same way about the president’s personal policy. Many states like Michigan and New Jersey’s GOP members were upset because the president had refused to help promote GOP candidates in state elections. The article concluded by basically saying that states that were looking to capitalize on the president’s popularity to win state elections would have to try a lot
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