We The First Ladies Chapter 1 Analysis

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I chose to write about Chapter 10 of the textbook We The People, Tenth Essentials Edition and The White House website for this assignment. The life of the First Lady and the role she plays in the government interests me. Usually, history books focus on the president and do not talk about his wife. This role has changed over time, from the first First Lady (Martha Dandridge Custis Washington) to the current First Lady (Melania Trump). For example, Mrs. Washington did not live in the White House; the second First Lady was the first to live in the White House, and all First Ladies have lived there since. The First Lady adds another dynamic to the White House that is not there without her. They all have amazing stories, from becoming much needed companions to the president to bravely following their husbands. The White House website demonstrates this progression of the First Lady role through the years. Chapter 10 of We The People says that First Ladies are traditionally part of the more ceremonial aspects of presidency. They “greet foreign dignitaries, visit other countries, and attend important national ceremonies,” (326). Both Mrs. Washington and Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower are known for their hospitality in the White House. This relates to the chapter because they provided a hospitable…show more content…
It contains biographies about each First Lady, from Mrs. Washington to Mrs. Trump, to teach visitors about the life and role of each First Lady. It is a great source of little-known information. The lives of the First Ladies interest me. In my opinion, most people do not even know the names of the First Ladies. They do not know what contributions the First Ladies have had to our nation’s government during her husband’s presidency. The president usually gets most of the attention and is the person most people remember, but the First Lady plays an important part in her husband’s
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