We The Public Place The Best Athletes On A Pedestals Essay

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In today’s society individuals see taking steroids as a choice made by the individual as a way to enhance their performance. However, in “We, the Public, Place the best Athletes on a Pedestals”, William Moller, the author, argues that the pressure from others can lead to the abuse of steroids.
Athletes are often consumed with the pressure to perform well, so the they begin to take steroids. Students are often up late because of the amount of things that they have to juggle in one day. By overworking the youth and pushing them to be number one at everything can lead to the usage of Ritalin. In the argumentative essay, Moller starts off by using his experience with taking Ritalin because he had been pushed too hard to succeed academically. Moller
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This shows that many individuals struggle with balancing their time between all of their activities and their school work. Many students are peer pressured to experiment with some drug throughout their adolescence. As Moller describes himself as having an appearance of exhaustion, he states that“ he handed me a small white pill”. Peer pressure can come in many forms, it 's not always just having peers push people within their group to do something but sometimes it 's the fact that so many people that surround an individual are trying new things so it appears to be an accceptable thing.But eventually the curiosity kicks in and can lead to an individual trying new things. In Mollers case the Ritalin was available to him and when he weighed out his options he really didn 't have too much too lose. When Moller was a student, he saw “the negative of doing poorly on the test was far greater than the negative of getting caught, discounted by the anesthetic of low probability”. Not only were the side effects small but the author also didn 't see what he was doing as a problem because, “I was much more worried about the scholastic consequences of I were discovered abusing a
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