We Were Soldier: Movie Analysis

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Lieutenant Colonel Moore’s wife, played by Madeleine Stowe. Julia Moore shows leadership abilities as well and is very compassionate, friendly and supportive of other wives. Julia Moore takes it upon herself to run the meeting that takes place between the wives and collaborates resources. Julia Moore again takes it upon herself to deliver telegrams from a cab company to wives telling them their husbands have died. Julia Moore is portrayed as a strong woman as she takes care of the home, others and five children. Julia Moore was basically strong, showed compassion and was supportive to everyone. Even though the women in We Were Soldiers were portrayed as compassionate and supportive, they were also portrayed as the typical house wife at home…show more content…
Platoon seems to have a lot of inaccuracies and problems that make it very hard to believe. Soldiers from The United States of America is supposed to be representing that country in a positive way and the Movie Platoon does not do that at all. Platoon shows horrifying events that should not have happened and can easily be related as a lot of fiction. The movie We Were Soldiers portrays soldiers from the United States of America in a more positive way and in a way people from that country can be proud of. In We Were Soldiers, men were treated better, with respect and dignity. Men fought gallantly, gave their lives for each other and their country and that is something to be proud…show more content…
There are a lot of differences and only some similarities. Both movies obviously take place in Vietnam and during the second phase of the Vietnam War between North Vietnam and the United States of America. Platoon shows a lot of fiction and makes it hard to believe some events. Platoon portrays the American soldier as being a bad boy who had no respect, no loyalty or trust and did not care for each other. The soldiers in Platoon were divided between a staff sergeant and a sergeant who clearly had different views on the war. Eventually some soldiers turned on each other and ended up dead. Officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted all treated each other badly, did not work as a team and was not prepared for what was to come. The enemy which is North Vietnam soldiers were rarely seen and not heard from. In We Were Soldiers, soldiers were portrayed as the typical American good boy soldier. There was a lot of trust, loyalty, respect, team work, organization, and collaboration. We Were Soldiers also shows how men honorably fought to carry out their mission, followed orders, gave respect to commanding officers and each other. We Were Soldiers shows what it is like for families back at home and what some wives had to go through. We Were Soldiers also portrays the enemy they were fighting, North Vietnam, just as human as the Americans were and not some kind of monsters that only wanted
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