Mrs Pross Character Analysis

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Charles Dickens, the renowned author of A Tale of Two Cities, has a particular fondness for one dimensional characters. This peculiar fondness for this usage of literature began to allow for discussion on whether it is actually beneficial or harmful to his stories. The usage of these “flat” are quite unseen in other stories and a new specturem. While many would proclaim that this is an effective display of writing, others on the contrary, would argue that it removes the realistic aspects on these characters. Within the context of the story, numerous central characters possessed little than one characteristic and weakened the unpredictability that the author could eventually bring. Meanwhile, others were critical of the weak story that appears…show more content…
Pross. Before we begin, Mrs. Pross is a maid that works for Lucie and Doctor Manette and a minor character that keeps a strong identify to Lucie. Another example, is when Dickens wrote Mrs. Pross is “very much put out about my Ladybird” and proceeded to labor at their resident, meanwhile Lucie took care of her father. To give you some background information, “Ladybird” responds to Lucie Manette and showcases her loyalty. To comprehend this quote, it inclines that Mrs. Pross is only seen as a ardent and canny servant to Lucie as she is willing to do what she think is best for her, like mentioning her brother as the best future suitor to Lucie Manette. As a result, she is the final example of a “flat” character. In the conclusion, Charles Dickens’ use of these characters relieved the book of a realistic and authentic perspective, from the French Revolution. Furthermore, these representatives left the story in a state of dismay and added a little to the excitement in the plot. Later on, I would expect that the majority of readers would likely share and gree with this specific opinion. Although, Charles Dickens is one of the best writers of his time, there still exist much to be recollected and changed. To conclude, his writing doesn’t effectively add or recall more to the
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