Weakness Of Character In Laura Hillenbrand's 'Unbroken'

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The famous scientist, Albert Einstein, once said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”. In Laura Hillenbrand’s book Unbroken, Louie demonstrates the importance of these words with his confident personality. Through fighting in the war, getting stranded at sea, and being tortured in prison camps, Louie still remained strong and hopeful. If it wasn’t for his confident personality, he may not have made it through these trials. A delinquent from a young age, if Louis put his mind to something, he couldn’t be stopped. Louis stole from from any person he could find, stealing pies from window sills, and any other food he could find. Furthermore, Louis often caused any of the mischief coming from the Zamperini’s. In one particular…show more content…
Standing with his frantic mother as the train rolled backward in search for the young boy. Louie’s older brother, Pete, spotted Louie strolling up the track in perfect serenity”(5). This quote explained how Louis’ mischievous childhood and jumped from a train just because it was impractical. After this ordeal, Louis strolled down the tracks, as if he just accomplished a trivial feat; in other words, it was no big deal to Louis. Shortly after this event, when the conductor chased after Louis: “‘I knew you’d come back,’ he said in Italian”.(5) In, this quote Hillenbrand informed the reader, that not only did Louis jump from a train meaninglessly, he remained unfazed after jumping from a train-once again- just because he could. Despite Louis causing all this trouble, he still cared about others and gave what he stole. Once Louis gathered food, he hid the food in secret spots where people could find it. Later in life, thankfully, Louis found a new passion; he now used
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