Weakness Of Fedex

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The CEO Fredrick Smith installed a value as one strength for the shipping giant FedEx. Using a slogan as a mission that states “To operate independently, compete collectively and manage collaboratively.” (2010). The slogan became a service culture that created can-do attitudes by the employees (Viaene & De Hertogh, 2010, p. 324). Again, Smith used another motto stating “Absolutely, positive, whatever it takes to get the package delivered” (2010, p. 325). It became an advantage motivating employees in carrying the business forward.

FedEx has a program to empower and motivate employees with responsibilities and allowing them to make some decision to improve delivery that enhances customer satisfaction (Mohammed, et, al. 2016, p. 1371). The Europe, Middle East, Indian-sub-Continent and Africa (EMEA) express has enjoyed the company 's long history of full empowerment. It allows local business and IT staff to be innovative (Viaene & De Hertogh, 2010, p. 324). Furthermore, FedEx employees recognized for being confident and decisive it set them apart in promoting FedEx objectives (Mohamed et, al. 2016). Using Lucas, 2014 perspective, in any workplace, employees work exceptionally well and are productive when their performance is recognized and occasionally rewarded (p. 59).

Weakness As a result of packages delayed or damaged it means compensation, but FedEx has built a strong market position in the event of any bad reputation, employees trained to preserve the

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