Weakness Strengths And Weaknesses

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To be honest, if this was a job interview I would now describe a weakness mainly unrelated to my desired field of work and ambitious enough to be turned into a strength. In this very case however I believe it to be important to mention one of the most challenging things of my personal life: Time. Until third grade I was not able, or rather not willing to read the clock and never have seemed to entirely connect to this dimension (uncountable buses have been missed by a whisker since then). Surprisingly this is less of a problem when it comes down to academic work, maybe because in those cases, structures are often pre-given. Now for someone who rather has the distinction of being creative and self- motivated than self- structured, I did pretty well at organizing my year abroad and all of my travels. Realizing, that if I just want to, I can overcome this weakness undoubtedly is important for my own development. Another trait that indeed happens to be weakness and strength at the same time, as well as having a relevant influence on academic performance, is that I can have very high demands to myself. On the one hand this stubbornness about my own settled standards can hold me back at times. But on the other hand I am thereof striving to be my best if I have a goal, and in this context do not care whether the way to reach it, is the most convenient. Quite contrary, I often choose a way that may include obstacles just because I find it to be more interesting or instructive.

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