Weaknesses Of Air Asia

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There a few weaknesses of Air Asia Airline Company that writer can describe according to our reading and experience. First of all, Air Asia has a weakness on them on the way they serve their own costumer. Air Asia services were commented by the consumer as a non-punctual flight because according to consumer, Air Asia does not follow the schedule of flight strictly. This situation had caused unsatisfied feeling toward the consumer that choice to use the Air Asia service. Because of that, Air Asia had lose lot number of they own costumer that really care about time punctual. But to reduce they own weakness, Air Asia had took a step to settle the consumer problem toward the flight delay issue (Brown, 2014). Beside, Air Asia also had always being critic by they own consumer about the hidden tax that they took from the costumer. For example the aviation will charge consumer every time they purchase to use their services on the seat that consumer want. Air Asia will took charge different price according which position they want to seat, more better seat consumer take more higher price will they paid. This situation will make consumer face the trouble when the entire cheap price seat was booked earlier by other consumer and left the expensive seat for them, consumer will paid more higher than the promoted price from Air Asia. From our experience toward the consumer that using the Air Asia services and also from our self-experience became an Air Asia consumer, we can get other
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