Weaknesses Of College Education

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Over the years, society has progressed and changed in several ways. Many ideas have evolved for the better, however some for the worse. One instance of a change for the worse is the evaluation of the expectations around higher education. The way America has come to treat a college education is harmful for its youth. Between employers’ lack of care for the discipline of degree achieved (just that those applying have one,) the steep price tag, and the absence of a genuine pursuit of knowledge, the flaws in the college education system are obvious.
Nowadays, a college education is essential for anybody looking for a job where they will have change to spare. As Carlo Rotella points out, “a college degree has become a minimum qualification for the kind of job that puts you in the middle class,” (467). Considering that most people prefer comfort over living paycheck to paycheck, it is a safe assumption that the middle class is at least most people’s goals. Not only is the middle class important on a personal level, anyone who knows anything about economics knows the important role the middle class plays. While a necessity, college is very much priced as a luxury. Obtaining an education can be difficult for people who are struggling. A statistic that illustrates this disconnect is the fact that “if your parents makes less than $35,000, your odds [of getting a BA by age twenty-four] are one in seventy,” (Delbanco 464). The idea of needing money to make money seems to ring true.

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