Wealth And Riches In The Necklace And Of Mice And Men

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A theme quite common in literature is pursuit of wealth and riches. In the short story unit there was one short story, one book, and one movie that all shared the same theme: The Necklace, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and Of Mice and Men.
The problem in The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant was based off of Mme. Loisel’s pursuit of wealth and riches. When the Loisels got an invitation to a reception for M. Loisels’s company, Mme. Loisel makes a big deal of needing a fancy evening gown for the occasion. Mme. Loisel also requested that she have some jewelry so she wouldn’t look as poor as she and her husband actually were. Everything came back to bite herself, as well as her husband, in the butt when she loses the necklace she borrowed from her friend, Mme. Forestier. The couple then had to spend ten whole years paying off debt for the new necklace.
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Early on in the movie, Cecilia makes a big deal of needing to keep her job because she had to support herself and her husband financially. When Cecilia was fired, her colleague said she would quit her own job in support of Cecilia until the boss reminded the colleague that she needed the money made from her job as a waitress like Cecilia did. Gil Shepard especially showed how important his pursuit of wealth and riches was when he manipulated but Cecilia and his own character, Time, in order to keep his high status in the movie making industry. When Gil left Cecilia in New Jersey at the end of the film, it was clear to tell that he didn’t actually love Cecilia and his career was his top
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