Wealth Inequality In America Analysis

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The Intro to Labor course taught by Professor Brucher has taught me a lot of things pertaining to the basics of labor in the United States. As a young adult, most of the information will help me in the future as a working professional or even now as a low-skilled college worker. The material from this course relates to me a person, as a Rutgers University student, and as a worker. Something that opened my eyes as a worker was “at will employment”. “A worker may leave his or her employment ‘at will’, or whenever they want, without giving prior notice...or for no cause at all”. (School of Management and Labor Relations Powerpoint). I realized I was “at will” when one day my boss let me go and I was left without a job for at least two weeks. It was something I took personal and I asked for a reason but he said, “it’s just business”.…show more content…
The Youtube video titled “Wealth inequality in America” that was shown in class provided a visual description of what our wealth gap looks like. I was absolutely appalled when the narrator stated that the the top 1% of wealth holds 40% of all wealth the bottom 40% only holds 7% of all wealth! He states, “Do you really think that a CEO is working 380 times harder than his average worker’s pay? Not his lowest paid employee, but the average earner in his company.” I found these statistics to be profound and it gives me an insight on how making it in this country is a little harder than I
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