Wealth Inequality In China

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Can you imagine, if China shrinks into three rooms, and only 100 people living there, what will happen? If I tell you that only one person will live in one room, and the rest share two rooms, you may be superised. But the most crucial point is that, in reality, we are the ninety-nine people who share the two rooms, because of wealth inequality. According to research in 2015 indicated that one percent of the population in China own a third of wealth totally.1 Now, you may astonish how unfair the situation is.

China is the second large economy now with fundamental economic development since 1980s, the market-orentied reforms and open the economy policy launched by former leader Deng Xiaoping, which allowed “some people and some regions to become
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The increasing Gini index from 0.291 in 1981 to 0.469 in 2008, which reflects the inequality in the distribution level (1 stands complete inequality and 0 for complete equality) according to china national statistic center.6 Wealth inequality is not only the result of the higher income and rapid growth in income of richer groups, but the geographic different in urban-rural areas, the private property also emerged as a long-term source of…show more content…
There are over 0.2 million people registered as rural people, who are the main source of migrant workers in China. “Hu Kou” system not only restrict these migrant workers from rural area to have the same social welfare as urban residents. Their children cannot receive high school education instead of in local province, their medical insurance is different, the average pension is less. It is also hard to apply the relevant bureaucracies for permission and the provals are tightly controlled. Besides, “Hu Kou ”system also result the discriminations of these rural residents, they are regarded as low education and cheap labour in big cities. Cancelling “Hu Kou” system not only benefit those people to have same job opportunities, enjoin social welfare better and live with family members as well.

The assistant system including educational, medical, financial and legal aspects, to help these poor groups when money become a problem. For example, if one family member must take expensive surgeon to cure cancle, but this family cannot afford it, then the assistant system can provide help for them to tackle this problems, like the bank could provide medical lend service, the medical system could help to afford partly medical fee. therefore, these poor groups could continue life without heavy stress in
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