Wealth Wealthy Americans

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United States has always been the country that grow up celebrating ourselves as the world’s most powerful nation, the world’s richest nation, the world’s freest and most blessed nation. But in some ways we are not the best in the world like, 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education. In my opinion, we should be worried, because given our reputation this is not us, we were top of everything. When other countries look at us sees that we are ranking this, they probably will be laughing at we. We need to get back at where we were. Our country is greatly focusing at investing in drones than in children, and cuts in social services could fray the social fabric further. We need to do more for the children who are the future of our country.…show more content…
What they fail to understand that the poor people, they aren’t in that situation because they choose to be, is because the circumstances happened to got them in this situation. Most people who mostly live off of government money, they don’t have a job. Their background, or maybe their physical disability is preventing them from getting a job. In Kevin’s case, about 15 years ago, Kevin hurt his back and was laid off. He is now in this situation because he is unable to work. We have to understand that some people do take advantage of the government, but there are some who are in great need of that government
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