Weaponized Narrative Essay

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In Weaponized Narrative is the New Battlefield, Brad Allenby and Joel Garreau explain the threats of weaponized narratives to national security. “Weaponized narrative”, or known as propaganda, has been around for ages. Everyone wants to hear a good story, so people tend to believe anything they read just to get a thrill. Allenby and Garreau describe them as “pattern-seeking storytelling animals.” In this article, the authors are trying to inform people the new problems that weaponized narratives are creating in the United State. In the article, Allenby and Garreau they use the recent presidential election and the Ukrainian invasion as examples were weaponized narratives were effective, but these examples seem to be biased. Overall in my opinion,…show more content…
First, the lack of sources makes it hard to believe all the information they provide. Allenby and Garreau provided a large amount of information, it just would have been better to know where they gathered the information. Another reason why sources would have been helpful is because different types of audiences understand different topics. As for my age group and education level, we would have benefited from sources because we might have not understood as much as older more educated adults have. Second, the authors seem to have a biased opinion throughout the article. For example, Aleenby and Garreau conclude in their article how the Russian seem to be the main ones contributing to weaponized narratives. This might be true, but the authors did provide any evidence to prove their theory is true. So by excusing the Russians without evidence, Allenby and Garreau seem biased. Lastly, the whole article is about how weaponized narratives are threatening to the national security and how we need to stop it. Not one part of the article discusses an opposing argument. The authors were just completely worried about their opinion and how weaponized narratives are dangerous. It would have been interesting to know what people with opposing views would have to say about the
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