Weapons In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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In The Things They Carried, one item that could be a symbol are weapons. Weapons had an appearance in each of the chapters but it was most important in the chapters “Stockings”, “The Man I Killed”, “Ambush” and “Style”. The meaning of a weapon can mean chaos and pain. In the chapter “Stockings”, Henry Dobbins has his girl friend’s underwear which gives him good luck in war. The chapter states, “In August, he tripped a Bouncing Betty, which failed to detonate.” (page 112). If the Bouncing Betty detonated it would be crazy. There would be a lot of chaos and Henry might have not been the only one who might have died from the Bouncing Betty. In the chapter “The Man I Killed” it states, “Listen to me,’ Kiowa said. ‘You feel terrible, I know that.”
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