Wearable Technology Essay

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Internet of Things in wearable devices are changing and affecting each aspect of our lives. Wearable technology is like a hallmark of the Internet of Things. With the launch of smart watches by Apple, more and more connected devices are expected to get hooked on with one another in a highly networked world of the ‘Internet of Things’. Today, we live in an interconnected world produced by the internet, where humans are connected to one other, and to a huge reservoir of information and entertainment. About half of the global population owns a smart phone. In developed and developing countries, almost all the household devices are connected to the internet. Today, we use our smart devices for almost everything – work, play, shopping, entertainment,…show more content…
As wearables are getting smarter day by day, the smart phone may become a secondary screen From the chunky mobile phone wristwatches of the late 2000s to today’s fitness bands, wearable technology has dramatically evolved in these years. Now, wearables, as they’re known, are changing the way consumers interact with the environment, with their constantly growing popularity. Wherever we go, the smart phone is always with us. It has long been the most personal device we interact with. The current generation of fitness bands and smart watches are just the beginning of a revolutionary change. Smartphone users believe that wearable technology will expand in more numerous and impactful ways than the smart phones have ever did in the past decade. The fact that smart phones have become integrated in every aspect of our lives to such an extent that it makes it hard to even imagine a future without them. With two out of five smart phone users indicating that wearables might replace smart phones, it might indeed come to reality, although it may take some time. The signs of this change are already visible today, as half of the existing smart watch users are expecting that their favorite smart watches will be standalone devices, without the need for smart phones etc in the near
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