Wearing School Uniforms In Schools

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What is the purpose of attending school? Is it to learn? To be entertained? Or is it to feel safe and comfortable around others? Well, the answer to all these questions is yes, but the problem is that some schools do not make their students feel as safe as they want to feel. In fact, the most popular reason students feel unsafe is because of the constant peer pressure and bullying issues they face and see happening to their peers. Though schools create new ways to stop these issues from reoccurring, the most effective and simplest is to implement a uniform policy based school. Wearing school uniforms has become very popular. “School uniforms Statistics: 23 Facts on Pros and Cons” states, “The percentage of public schools implementing a uniform…show more content…
Once again, the article “School Uniform Statistics: 23 Facts on Pros and Cons” states, “Aside from the reduced expenses associated with uniforms, educators agree that they offer plenty of other positives. Around 85% argue that it reduces the need for discipline in the classroom while 79% say it promotes an increased sense of student safety.” This quote concludes that by wearing a uniform to school, parents spend less money and the policy reduces the need for constant nagging. This would lead to students focusing more on other vital topics and not just the dress and hair their peers are wearing, since everyone is wearing the same outfit as one another. Some might not agree and say that to ensure order, wearing a school uniform is not the solution. Instead, schools need to be stricter in their policies and not have the students wear the same type of clothing every day. But look at it this way, even though schools become more strict in enforcing the rules, students do not tend to oblige and may even resort to sneaking in food, gum, or other banned entities. By wearing uniforms, students are forced to follow the dress code policy, and the uniforms may even refrain the students from sneaking in banned or dangerous items. Is that not a better way of enforcing discipline, rather than giving out constant detention to students who bend or do not follow the rules? Overall, students are to oblige and have more…show more content…
“ In fact, surveyed school leaders with a school uniform or formal dress code policy in place believe that their current policy has made a significant, positive impact on peer pressure (86%) and bullying (64%),” says the article, “National Survey School Leaders Reveals 2013 Uniform Trends”. The quote shows that by wearing school uniforms, students are able to uphold their self-confidence as they feel less likely to be intimidated, feel as though they are being judged by another person, or abuse them as all the students would be wearing the same kind of outfits. Those who disagree might say, by wearing school uniforms, students lose their uniqueness and continue to lose their confidence slowly, and will always try to look like other peers around them. Another point of view is, even though students may not be able to express themselves through wearing whatever type of clothes they chose to wear, students can still express their individuality through hairstyles and accessories such as hair clips, belts, necklaces, or earrings. In fact, “School Uniform Statistics: 23 Facts on Pros and Cons” acknowledges, “In the same survey, 54% of students said that having to wear a uniform didn’t compromise their identity…” This statistic clearly shows that the majority of
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