Weather Astronomy In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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While reading Yann Martels «life of Pi» book Pi always talked about stars and moon he always described them. Sky is very mystery and interesting, it is always helped to people know the way, know the weather and many other things.
We always see them at night. They draw our attention to the special, mesmerizing glow. Our ancestors believed that they can influence our destiny and our future. I think they can’t say about our fate but they can say us about weather and they can help us to find our way if we are lost. For a long time one of the main purposes of astronomy has navigation - star guided the captains of ships in the high seas and the conductors of caravans in the desert, for many centuries helped the stars do not go astray travelers.
Navigation with the stars:
The most common way to navigate by stars
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The north-south line is the bisector of the angle between the hour hand, aimed at the sun and the line 1 hour. In the morning, the south is the right of the sun, and in the afternoon on the contrary - to the left.
So you'll have no problems to adhere to the direction of the route, guided by the sun without using any compass or electronic aids.

and this is little about predicting the weather:
If the sun is still high, and the sky was red at sunset - it says on the approximation of the imminent rain and / or wind. If the sky turns red after sunset - storm will come in about 1-2 days. Red sunset in which veiled traces are far to the west of thin cirrus clouds, assumes worsening weather. In the winter, if the sunset purple - it means, to be more snow or frost. In the summer time If the sky at sunset on the north side was red - will frost or cold dew.

Moon. moon is located only 380 000 km from Earth. It is the only extraterrestrial world in space, which is visited by people. On the moon there is no air, no water, no weather. Its surface is covered with mountains, craters, seas solidified lava and layers of

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