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(U) North Korea’s weather does not consist of the regular four seasons of summer, spring, fall, and winter. Instead, North Korea has to deal with the effects of either having harsh winters or a very hot and humid summers in their region. North Korea does experience all four seasons, but the summer and winter are most dominant. Following the climate of the area, North Korea also has terrain that include mountains. The mountains are all over the area, either in one large formation, or in several small groups. The mountains in North Korea also happen to show signs of erosion, which causes them to become slope-like. The rest of the country consists of smaller plains. (U) Although summers do occur in Korea, they do not last as long as the other seasons. The summers in North Korea can be either incredibly hot, humid, or rainy. Due to the fact there is a constant flow of rain during the summer, North Korea’s summers are considered the wettest season . The reason for the increase of precipitation in the summer is because of the moist air carried in from the surrounding bodies of water near the country. While North Korea experiences the summer with rain, this eventually opens up weather hazards. For…show more content…
The terrain of North Korea consists of 80% mountains and smaller plains. The smaller plain areas are perfect for the people to develop their agriculture—but not if it is a high elevation. The terrain causes the mountains to be open for moist air to be carried in the area which causes the wet summers and dry winters of North Korea, along with the erosion of the mountains causing slope-like areas. The wet summers make way for being either hot, humid, or very rainy. The dry winters happen to bring in winds which bring in dust and fog. While North Korea deals with all four seasons, the summer and winter prove to be the harshest in climate and work in part with the terrain to effect the country as a

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