How Weather Affects Our Daily Life

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Weather is anything that refers to wind, atmosphere, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc. There are many different aspects of weather that can affect many people’s daily lives. Weather can be very destructive or manipulated to help people with many different things. Farming industries depend on rain and certain climates to be successful. However, flash floods and electrical storms can destroy people’s homes and many buildings, putting many people out of work in some cases. Technology has advanced in such a way to prevent destruction and detect harmful weather conditions and prepare for catastrophes before they happen.
Air masses are large bodies or pockets of air in which the temperature and moisture are relatively similar. Air moves in the direction of high to low pressure. When the differences in the air pressure
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The air masses that form over oceans are classified as maritime air masses. Maritime air masses carry more moisture due to it forming over the ocean. Air masses that form over land are called continental air masses. Continental air masses are usually dry in comparison to maritime air masses due to less water than an ocean. Tropical air masses are mainly another kind of continental air mass and form over various deserts of the south western United States. Polar air masses from three different regions that form over Northern Canada, Northern Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans form over ice and snow covered land that brings cold and harsh winters along with cool and dry summers. Air masses can affect the weather of their location dramatically. In the United States alone, there are many different air masses that range from harsh winters to hot summers. In the southwestern United States, the continental tropical air mass is more abundant. While the northern areas of the United States being affected by polar air

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