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Web-Based Baby-Boom pushes ethnical boundaries

The article, which is published in The Canadian Journal of Popular Medicine by the author Wendy Scott-Octavio, brings up a new methods within modern technology and the consequences with “for-profit surrogacy”.

The article is mainly focusing on a Calcutta Cryolabs, a fertility clinic which can provide infertile men and women all over the world with both donated sperm and eggs for a certain amount of money. The consumers chooses the donors on a website where you have the chance to choose what kind of sperm/egg you want. A case with is featured in the article explains a couple’s story when they made the choice of cyber-surrogacy. With only a computer and credit card the infertile firefighter Melissa Honeysuckle and her husband had babies on the way. When the supplies for impregnating the surrogate
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The mainly discussion was if it is right for the surrogates to be selling their bodies and all the damage that comes with pregnancy. The women who sign up to carry a child for an unknown person are usually poor and do not have a choice.
“Women who work as cyber-surrogates are getting paid, it’s true. But they also pay a heavy price”, says bioethicist Mariam C. Lynn.

In conclusion cyber-surrogacy is able to give an infertile woman or man a child. But the system is not waterproof, it got its dark sides and side-effects.

I can definitely say that there are two sides of cyber-surrogacy. The fact that an infertile person who always wanted a kid can get one, is extraordinary. On the other hand, there should not be any suffering to make happiness. There are other options for infertile persons, adoption etc. I can honestly not state that I am for cyber-surrogacy, because the number of poor women who are suffering from back problems, difficulties with caesarian section and depression, and goes through this because they are in need of money, is too high and

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