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ABSTRACT Web crawler plays an important role to meet this objective by playing an important part of a search engine. A mobile web crawler is an automated computer program, which transfers itself to web servers in an attempt to download information and contents. The World Wide Web is no longer tethered to our laptops and desktops. Today web crawling had gone mobile, which provide instant access to information anytime and anywhere. The mobile web crawler is designed not only to address the scalability issues but also to crawl the web efficiency. This also ensure that the mobile web crawler choose the visited pages carefully and download in repeated accesses. For an effective crawling mechanism, the mobile web crawler must crawl in a scalable and efficient way as to save bandwidth and to…show more content…
Mobile web had been used as it provides instant access of information anytime and anywhere. Mobile web implement using markup language and the design techniques that are adapted for PDAs and mobile phones. (Timmins, McCormick, Agu, & Willis) objectives is to study the comparative characteristics of the mobile web content formats and with non-mobile html content. WAP 1.0 is the first web mobile which was introduced in 1998. WAP 1.0 would enable wide range of devices which include mobile phones, laptops and PDAs which are set to set email and accessing the web. Due to its restriction of mobile resources, the Wireless Markup Language (WML) was developed. Since WAP 1.0 is a connection oriented system where mobile user has to make telephone call to the web server while web pages are downloading. WAP 2.0 was introduced in 2001. WAP 2.0 was designed to be backwards compatible with the WAP 1.X protocols and XML. WAP 2.0 has maximum speed of 384kbps. It supports XHTML that was developed for variety of low computing power devices such as PDAs, watches and mobile
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