Mcdonaldization Of Society Essay

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What is "McDonaldization" of society? How does it relate to Weber and his discussion of rationalization? What was Weber 's primary concern with "rationalization of society"? McDonaldization is the process of rationalization within our society. Our everyday tasks are broken down into smaller tasks until they are broken down to its ultimate simplicity. Weber viewed traditional and charismatic forms of society as irrational, and had mixed view on the development of capitalism and western forms of formal rationality because of ht epossibilities o development and his concerns of being free individually causing the lack of exercise in ones rationality. This relates to McDonaldization leading into irrationality rather than rationality because of the overeationalizaing processes in our society leading to this negative effect. Ritzer developed Weber 's idea by identifying and discussing four to six concerns with the McDonaldization of society. Discuss each (6) and give examples of how each occurs in our society. Be certain to present the impact of these examples on our lives. Efficiency means the choosing of means to reach a specific end rapidly, with the least amount of cost or effort. An example of…show more content…
Everything within the society is already ing is pre-packaged, pre-measured, and automatically controlled. This is the process of having control over uncertainties, allowing the possibilities to be constrained within certain limits, thereby reducing uncertainties about outcomes. An example of this in our society would be cashiers checking out our groceries, all they have to do is scan the barcode because the produce is already weighted and labelled. Another example would be the control of airplanes, airplanes are controlled by a computer and pilots simply oversee the process. Our skills and capabilities are being reduced because of our dependence on
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