Wedding Dance Summary

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SUMMARY The night of the traditional wedding dance someone did not came into the dance she is Lumnay, because her husband Awiyao will marry someone named Madulimay. In their seven years of marriage Lumnay can’t give Awiyao a child. That night of the wedding, Awiyao decided to go into their house of Lumnay to invite her into the traditional wedding dance, but Lumnay decided to not to go eventhough she is the best dancer in their tribe. During their conversation, they revealed to each other that they still love each other, because of the tribe culture Awiyao need to leave Lumnay and Lumnay need to set her husband free for his desire to have a child so that his name will remain in their tribe.

a) Lumnay
a. "You know it Lumnay, don 't you?" he repeated. "Yes, I know," she said weakly. "It is not my fault," he said, feeling relieved. "You cannot blame me; I have been a good husband to you." "Neither can you blame me," she said. She seemed about to cry. "No, you have been very good to me. You have been a good wife. I have nothing to say against you."
b. She is the wife of Awiyao that can’t give her a child. She is the one who set her love one free in the sake of having a child even though it hurts to much.

b) Awiyao
a. Awiyao she had known long ago-- a strong, muscular boy carrying his heavy loads of fuel logs down the mountains to his home. She had met him one day as she was on her way to fill her clay jars with water. He had stopped at the spring to drink
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