Wedding Dress Speech

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Girls all around the world get giddy at the word and even more so at the thought of picking out a wedding dress. Nowadays, a wedding dress is pretty much guaranteed to be long and white. No questions asked. It’s tradition, so we do it. That was not always the case, however, and there is a reason for it. In fact, there is a lot of history behind the wedding dress that we do not know.
When people think of a wedding dress, they think of it as representing love and commitment and forever. That is not how it has always been. In the past, wedding dresses represented a business deal. There wasn 't love, or many feelings in general, put into the dress choice since many marriages were purely an agreement between two families for an alliance or beneficial end goa (All That is Interesting)l. The dress was supposed to be the part of the wedding that flaunted how much money the families had. In fact, many wedding dresses were not even purchased for the wedding day. Typically, the bride would wear the finest dress she owned, new or not (All That is Interesting, 2018). Brides today can be thankful that we no longer look at wedding dresses in that way, allowing them to choose based on what they feel when they put it on versus how wealthy it will make you look.
There were many brides that wore black or other dark colors during their wedding ceremonies in order to hide stains or any imperfections. Blue was a popular choice because it represented purity, piety, and a connection to the Virgin

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