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Wedding outfits are one of the main topics of conversations, from the bride and groom to the guests.
Whereas a number of years ago the Traditional attire of a white wedding dress and traditional suit, seem to be not always first choice now. Many ceremonies have now move away from the traditional white or ivory to coloured dresses and more casual suits, also civil ceremonies are very popular choice amongst couples.
The white bridal gown was made popular by Queen Victoria and since then has remained a primary choice for brides along with ivory. Thinking about these colours, within my job role the most popular colour is ivory, white seems to be a second choice of colour now.This is just my view on the weddings I have arranged within my workplace.
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Some clients may still prefer traditional morning dress. The etiquette surrounding s civil ceremony dictates formal wear as within a church wedding.
The groom and his attendants are more likely to choose lounge suits and may or may not coordinate ties to the colour scheme of the wedding. The bride’s gown does not have to be traditional in design or colour. Within a civil ceremony, a bride is more likey to choose alternative colours and a style that is not as traditional as what would be worn in a church. It is more acceptable that a cutting edge contemporary style may be worn.
Civil Partnerships
The dress code for this ceremony is as formal or informal as the couple require. There are some civil partnerships that can be very formal in nature, we have previously discussed this in another unit, where couples may wish to wear traditional wedding attire along with their guests.
Some ceremonies may choose to have a less formal wear. The wedding planner can always guide and advise couples by using examples of photographs of previous civil partnerships, that as a planner you may have been involved in. However always check with previous clients that they would be happy for you to use their pictures

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